Truck shells come in many different styles from camping shells to flat shells. Each has a different purpose, and the one you choose can help you get your work done more effectively. Here are three kinds you should consider. 

Soft Cover Shells

Soft-cover shells are versatile shells that add no height to the truck bed. These shells, which are made of waterproof plastic, rubber, or other similar materials, may roll back, fold back, or be formed to the shape of the truck's bed. Some come with a motorized shell holder that pulls them back and rolls them out as needed, which is beneficial for those who load and unload often. 

Tri-fold shells, which are a kind of soft-cover shell, have three sections that fold back piece-by-piece. The benefit of this is that if you have materials in the truck bed, you can decide how far back you need to have the shell. Expose just a small amount for airflow or seal the truck bed up tight—the choice is yours. 

Ceiling Locker Shells

Some traditional metal covers have ceiling lockers as part of their designs. What are ceiling lockers? They're extra storage that literally rolls out of the truck shell when it's needed. Instead of storing items on top of your vehicle or behind your vehicle when you drive, the ceiling-mounted storage rolls in and out of place, so you can put items inside the truck without them being on the floor of the bed. The locker pulls out at an angle nearing vertical, so it's easy to load items in. You can store tools, life jackets, or other items you need for your business inside without having to worry about them sliding around the cab or needing an additional tool box. 

Camping Shells

Going to be on site for a while? A camping shell could be a good option for you. These shells make more space in your truck bed, so there's room for a blow up bed and for you to stand without hitting your head. Some of these units are made with canvas and extend around the drop-down door of the bed, making the space inside the bed even longer than before. The camping shell typically has a liner for the truck bed, too, which helps keep your items clean and off cold metal. 

These are just a few unique truck shells that might help your business thrive, whether you're camping on site or storing tools for your next gig.