If you are selling your used vehicle and you took immaculate care of it, you want to let all buyers know this so you can get the most for the vehicle during the sale. There are some important documents you can provide for the buyers so they can see that you were diligent about getting the vehicle cared for when there were issues and to show that you maintained it. Here are a few things to provide the buyers with when they want to purchase the vehicle or when they ask for details.

Free Vehicle Report

Offer all potential buyers that make the effort to come to your house to see the vehicle a free vehicle report. This allows them to see the following things:

  • The accurate mileage of the vehicle
  • If the automobile was involved in any accidents
  • How frequently the vehicle was maintained at the dealership
  • The ownership history of the vehicle

You can print these out for the buyers, or you can give them access to the report online. This is an easy way for them to find out all the details about the vehicle. For more information, contact local professionals like Instavin.

Mechanical Inspection Verification

Have a full inspection performed on the vehicle, and print out the details or make copies of the inspection. You should also provide any of the buyers with the location where the inspection took place and the name of the mechanic. This way they can call to verify the inspection and to talk about any concerns that they may have related to the vehicle.

Repair Receipts

If there was work done on the vehicle and you needed to have any minor or major repairs, share all of the receipts with the buyers. They can see what parts are new, what it cost you to have the work done, when the brakes were last replaced, and more. Any repair or replacement part that you have a receipt for you want to have handy to show interested people.

If you want to get top dollar for the vehicle that you maintained and put a lot of time and money into, you have to show that it's in top condition and that it's been taken care of properly. Let anyone that comes to your house to see the property have these different documents to go over, so they can see exactly what work and money has been invested in the car over time.