It's the last day of your vacation, and instead of enjoying your last hours, you are fretting because you are running low on cash. Before you book your next trip, take a few moments to budget and plan accordingly for all of your travel related expenses. Make sure to include everything so your vacation doesn't outlast your cash.

1. Parking Expenses

If you are planning to drive yourself to the airport, inquire ahead of time regarding the airport parking rates. Airports generally have a few different options when it comes to parking so you can select the one that fits your budget and personal preferences.

Valet parking is the most expensive choice. A valet handles parking and picking up your car so that you can head to your terminal. Though it is a pricier alternative, valet parking is useful if you are short on time or are traveling with small children.

Long-term airport parking is the budget friendly choice. Since you will be utilizing the parking for an extended period, you may qualify for a discounted rate or special parking pass. Some airports even have shuttles that run to and from these parking lots, making them as convenient as possible.

2. Tips

Make sure to research tipping customs in your destination so that you know what is expected. Some locales frown on tipping, while others practically require it. You may need to tip valets, hotel porters, bartenders, waitresses, parking attendants, drivers, and restroom clerks. Though you may only need to tip a couple dollars each time, tipping $2 five times a day over the course of a weeklong vacation is an extra $70.

Before you head out, take a trip by the bank to get small bills for your tipping expenditures.

3. Hotel Fees

Nothing is worse than thinking that your room is completely paid for, only to be met with a surprise bill at checkout. Many destinations charge a resort fee that covers some of the amenities that the hotel offers. Resort fees have a wide range, from as little as $3.50 a night to as pricey as $60 a night. Always inquire before booking the room so that you understand the ultimate cost of your hotel room.

If you plan to have a car on your trip, parking fees are another item to take into account. Some hotels do offer free parking, but others require a daily fee for each vehicle.

A vacation should be spent making memories, not stressing about finances. Make your vacation stress-free by looking into all of the associated costs before your trip. At the end of the trip, you'll leave with amazing memories and a little cash in your pocket.