Back pain is perhaps one of the most common problems plaguing Americans, with more than 100 million Americans struggling with chronic back pain each year. Back pain can easily prevent you from enjoying many activities. Even joy riding in your truck may seem more of a chore than an adventure. Ensure a smooth and pain-free ride by looking into getting these 3 custom truck parts.

Ergonomic Seat Cushions

When driving, your body almost automatically starts to slouch into a rounded, C-shaped position. This puts an unbearable amount of strain on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments and also increases pressure within your intervertebral discs. You'll enjoy joy riding a lot more if you have good posture. Look for ergonomic seat cushions that will force you to sit up straight and will offer more cushioning to your lower back.

In addition, you'll want to look for ergonomic seat cushions that limit the truck's vibration. Whole body vibrations brought on by the truck can cause muscle contraction, which will exasperate back pain.

Air Suspensions

Having the right type of suspension can minimize the amount of jarring experienced by the truck when on the road. If you've been struggling with chronic back pain, consider upgrading your truck to air suspensions. Air suspensions offer a low center of gravity, which results in optimum on-road handling. They also allow for automatic height and level control and less mechanical vibration transfer.

By minimizing vibration, you'll enjoy a more comfortable ride. Your muscles are less likely to spasm and contract during the ride. This places less strain on your muscles and your ligaments.

Nerf Bars

Don't strain your back any further when climbing into and out of your truck. Install custom truck steps that make the entire process a lot easier. Without nerf bars, you might have to twist or stretch your back in ways that further strain injured ligaments and tendons. Look for nerf bars with textured surfaces, as they offer more grip. In addition to reducing back pain, nerf bars can also prevent knee strain as well.


Don't let back pain stop you from fully enjoying your truck. Equip your truck with the right custom parts, and you'll be able to enjoy long joy rides without exasperating your symptoms. You'll finally be able to enjoy hours on the road or even off-road activities without having to worry about bringing along pain-relievers or taking long breaks the entire time.