When it comes to buying a charger for your car battery, how do you know which one you should get? While your manual will give you some information, here are other steps that you'll need to take.

Find Out the Type of Battery You Have

Batteries don't just come in different size, but in different types. You'll initially need to check whether you have Wet Cell, Maintenance Free or even Gel Cell for example. You will usually be able to tell by the label on the battery or through the manual. Battery Stuff says that most Gel Cell batteries can be charged from just one charger, but you will need to double check with your make and model of vehicle.

Check the Size of Battery

The size will affect the speed of charging from certain types of chargers. This will affect the amount you spend if you're using your own electricity for charging. Trying to charge a large battery with a charger designed for a smaller option will put too much stress on the charger and could blow the fuses. Always check the sizing guides before you buy anything, whether online or in store.

The Type of Charging

There are different types of chargers available depending on the way that you want to charge your car battery. One that connects to your home's electricity is one of the most popular options. This will take power directly from your outlet, as any other appliance would.

A solar battery will take power from the sun to charge your car. It may store some power for later use, in case you want to charge overnight. It is the most environmentally friendly and cheapest option in the long run, as the power in renewable.

You could also charge directly from another car with jump leads. This is a popular option for those who suffer a dead battery unexpectedly. It will cost the other person money in gas as they will need to have their car running at the time. You will also have to spend more money as you'll need to run the car to allow the alternator to charge the battery. As a one-off it will not do the car too much damage, but if you regularly do it your alternator will start to fail due to excess strain. AJ Foreign Auto also states that the car will lose fuel economy when running from a dead battery.

Take your time to look at all your battery charging options. Having jump leads is worthwhile for those emergencies, but you'll need to look at charging packs to help in more common battery charging needs. Just remember to consider more than just the price when making your decision. For more information, contact companies like Ski Country Shell & Towing.