Just when you least expect it, your trip could hit a bump in the road, and you could be left stranded in the car with your kids. While being stranded on the roadway at all can be frustrating, having kids in tow could make the situation even more of a nightmare. While you can call a towing service, such as Michael's Towing & Recovery, and that service will do all they can to get to you as quickly as possible, you could always be left in wait for some time until help arrives. To keep your kids calm while you wait (and your nerves less frazzled), there are a few fun games you could play to pass the time.

The License Plate Game

If your kids are old enough to read, you could play a fun game which involves spotting license plates on cars from different states. This game can involve everyone in the car, and you can make it a group goal to catch as many states as possible while you wait. Grab a pen and paper to jot down all the states you see and tally up the total.

Your Car, My Car

This fun game is one that is often played by youngsters looking for something to pass the time. Best of all, it is fun to play for all ages. Every passing car "belongs" to the next player in line. So each player gets to build a collection of cars and vehicles that become"theirs." If the kids are old enough, they can make a list of the vehicles that they get in each turn and compare their lists with one another at the end of the game.

Red Car, Blue Car, Green Car

For this game, each passenger in the vehicle picks a car color that they believe they will see the most of in a specific time frame. Using the clock in your car or a stopwatch on your phone, set a certain amount of time, such as 15 or 30 minutes, to play. Keep track of how many of each passenger's color pick you see go by while you wait. Whoever has the highest number of their color wins the game.

Towing Guessing Game

To keep kids interested in seeing the towing service arrive, you could play a friendly guessing game about the towing service. Make up a list of questions that all the kids can guess the answers to. 

  • What color will the tow truck be?

  • Will the tow-truck driver be wearing a hat?

  • How long will it take for the tow truck to arrive?

  • What direction will the tow truck come from?

  • What color will the tow-truck driver's shirt be?

Jot down everyone's answers to these questions and tally the score when the tow truck arrives.