Are the car control arms really that important? Could you save some money by sacrificing on this section of the car? Here's all you need to know about car control arms to keep your vehicle in full-working order and keep you and your passengers safe.

What Exactly Are Control Arms?

A control arm is not an automotive part the average vehicle owner tends to know much about. They are also called A-arms and are connected to your suspension. As the name of the part suggests, control arms help to control the suspension, so your ride is not bumpy and uncomfortable. The arms absorb all the bumps, so your car doesn't have to. The bottom of a tire is kept in place, as the arm takes on the whole weight.

They are connected to the suspension with a ball joint and connected to the car's frame through bushings. The whole system has to work together to allow the vehicle to turn. There are usually two to four control arms within the suspension, according to Angie's List. This will depend on vehicle size and how modern the vehicles are. Most of the modern cars will only have control arms on the front suspension.

Why Control Arms Need Replacing

The main reason for replacing a control arm is due to the ball joint failing. This is built into the arm, and the whole section will need replacing when there is a problem. Even if the control arm shows no wear and tear, it needs replacing with the ball joint.

The bushings wearing out is another reason for the control arm being replaced. Some cars will come with separate bushings and control arms to limit the amount that needs replacing. It is sometimes cheaper to replace the whole section due to time.

Accidents and minor collisions can also lead to control arms being damaged. This can be as simple as hitting the curb or catching the front wheels! The arms bend relatively easily and will need to be replaced to avoid further damage.

Checking to Replace Control Arms

There is no need to remove the control arm to check if it needs replacing. You will usually be able to see if it is bent just by placing the vehicle on a jack. You can move the arm around to see if the bushings or the ball joints are the problem. If the ball joint is the issue, you'll see it failing to move correctly in the arm. If it is the bushings, the arm will move out and away from the vehicle.

Control arms are essential components on a vehicle. It's important to know all the aspects, so you know what needs replacing and how to check if there is a problem. Contact a business, such as Professional Automotive, for more information.