You may feel unlucky if you are ever involved in an automobile accident, but you will definitely feel more unlucky if you find out that your car insurance is not going to pay for the damages. This will leave you trying to find a way to pay for the auto repair. If the accident was pretty severe, the prices to repair that damage can get pretty steep. There are five steps you should take to save yourself some money on the repair bills. 

Obtain at Least Three Estimates

Before you ever consider taking your car to a specific place, you should obtain estimates for the repair from at least three places. This may sound like old news, but it cannot be stressed enough and many car owners just do not understand why it is so important. Even though many places may charge close to the same for parts, mechanics often vary greatly in the cost for their services and time. 

Get Started On Your Own

If you can remove some of the damaged parts of your vehicle on your own, go for it. Performing the simple but time-consuming tasks to get your vehicle ready to go may save you a lot of money on service charges at the auto repair shop. If you are unsure about removing something to save yourself some money, talk to your chosen mechanic for a few ideas and ways to save. They may even be willing to negotiate a price a little lower if you will do specific things to get the repair job started. 

Look for Aftermarket Parts

Before you entrust a mechanic to order parts on your behalf, try checking for prices of aftermarket parts online first. Compare the prices you find with the estimate that you have received and see if it may be possible for you to save. Most mechanics rely on specific parts dealers to get what they need, but will allow you to order your own parts if you prefer so you can save money. Plus, you should keep in mind that not every mechanic will work with aftermarket parts because customers usually ask for factory restoration. 

You may be a little unlucky if you have a wreck and your insurance will not cover the costs of repair, but if you are a wise consumer, that are a lot of opportunities to save, even on auto repair. Talk to an auto body professional like Central Body Co Inc for more ideas and information.